Today's Weird Wednesday topic was dumb luck.  The Flakes opened up the phones and invited callers to share their good fortune.  One of the most incredible stories came from a lady we're now referring to as the 3rd luckiest woman in Billings (behind Paul's wife and Mark's girlfriend).

This gal had just finished up some shopping at Cabela's and accidentally left her purse on top of her car.  She proceeded to drive for several miles before she noticed that her purse, and all her money, was missing.  Panic started to set in when she realized what she had done.  Amazingly, when she pulled over, her purse was still on top of the car.  Evidently, it got stuck in the roof spoiler.

Mark then delivered the line of the day, saying....(wait for it)...."Your money goes a lot further than it used to" (rim shot).  Paul was so impressed, he gave Mark's line a 6, which is high praise from a guy who doesn't just hand out 6's like Christmas presents.  Mark will be here all week, folks.  Tip those waiters and bartenders and try the veal.