It's time one again to meet the most romantic people in Billings.  Here comes our monthly roundup of lonely losers looking for love on the Missed Connections page at

5.  Creepy Dude at the Fuddruckers
"I see you all the time and we make eye contact all the time and I feel we both have a physical attraction to each other. You have dyed red magenta hair and I come in with kids all the time and sit in play area and stare at you."

Dear God, I hope those kids are his

4.  Woman at Lowe's Needs Some Hardware...No Strings Attached
"I have seen you a few times at Lowe's. You are with another guy, maybe your brother? I would like to get to know you, I have watched you at the store and you come across as a wild, crazy and full of fun kinda guy. I am single and really hope you are too. But, if not, we can be discreet."

I gotta start hanging out at the Lowe's more often

3.  Fill Up on Pump 3
"You were pre-paying for gas on 24th and Lewis, driving a blue mini van at about 2 on Saturday. I thought you were sexy."

He didn't specify whether it was 2 am or 2 pm.  That could make a huge difference.

4.  We gotta thing that's called Radar Love
"I was on my way to  work. You were driving a black Dodge pickup. You got off the same exit as me. Then we had a game of cat and mouse. You were looking good."

Nothing gets a woman all hot and bothered quite like a stranger chasing her down on the road.

5.  You can tell a lot about a woman by what she drinks
"I saw you at the Albertson's on Grand.  Dos xx Amber was the perfect substitute for Negra Modelo. I'm an idiot for not asking you out. Maybe next time."

She doesn't always drink beer, but when she does, it's Dos Equis.