Yesterday, Paul drove by the new downtown library just before 10 am and saw a bunch of people waiting in line for the building to open.  Which inspired him to come up with a brand new game called "Billings Public Library Jeopardy".

Final Jeopardy Round:  This is why 20 people are waiting in line for the new library to open.

Contestant #1, Bob, answered:  What is to check out the classic novel "A Tale of Two Cities"?  Sorry that's incorrect.

Contestant #2, Jamie, answered:  What is to research an upcoming school assignment?(Buzzer).  Nope.

Contestant #3, Bill, answered:  What is Free internet and Wi-Fi?  Ding, ding, ding.  We've got a winner.

Interestingly enough, the amount each Billings resident will pay in taxes for our new library works out to, roughly, the same amount most of us pay each month for our internet service at home.  So basically, we're all paying for our fellow citizens to have free web access.

Thanks for playing "Billings Public Library Jeopardy".  Join us tomorrow for "Billings Public School Jeopardy".