If you're lucky enough to have the day off of work, hopefully you know more about Presidential history than Mark does.  This morning, Paul put Mark's knowledge to the test with a 10 question President's Day Quiz.  If you can't do better than Mark did, you should be forced to work today.

1.  Who was the first President to bring his dog to the White House?

2.  Who was the first unmarried President?

3.  Who was the first divorced President?

4.  Who was the first President to see the Pacific Ocean?

5.  Who was the first President to host special events at the White House?

6.  Who was the first President to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game?

7.  Who was the first President to get married at the White House?

8.  Who was the tallest President?

9.  Who was the shortest President?

10.  Which President had the most children?

How many answers do you know?  Let's find out

(Harding, Buchanan, Reagan, Grant, Madison, Taft, Cleveland, Lincoln, Madison, Tyler)

Mark knew that Lincoln was the tallest President...and wasn't even close on the other 9 questions.  Mark's worst moment came on question #4 when he didn't even realize that U.S. Grant had been a President.  If you got more than one correct answer, congratulations!!! You are smarter than a Cat Country DJ.