To celebrate the annual Relay for Life event, thousands of people all over Billings will be wearing purple today.  With all due respect to this event, which is a fantastic community wide effort, the Flakes want to know who decided that purple was the color?

Couldn't we have gone with yellow?  That's a bright, sunny color.  Now, Mark and Paul know what women mean when they say, "I have nothing to wear".  Between them, the Flakes don't own a single piece of clothing that is purple.  And like a lot of guys, their better halves end up picking out most of the clothes they wear.  Women don't even like purple.

Of course, every cause needs a color.  And today, we learned there's a lot of them. For example, Violet is the color for Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Orchid is the color for testicular cancer.  Blue is the color for prostate cancer.  And we all wear pink for breast cancer in October.

Frankly, Mark and Paul would rather wear pink than purple.  We hope the Relay for Life has another incredible event today.  Maybe try and mix up the color next year?