It's become a long standing Breakfast Flakes tradition.  On the eve of our yearly Flakes Trip to Mexico, today was the Annual Deliberately Annoying Show.  Tomorrow, 60 Cat Country listeners will fly to paradise with Mark and Paul.  If you're not one of them, bear with us while we rub it in.

Sure, we could play the regularly scheduled music.  What fun would that be?  Not nearly as much fun as playing songs about drinking beer on a beach.  Of course, nothing's better than going on vacation that knowing you will be leaving cold weather at home.  The forecast for next week here in Billings calls for colder temperatures and snow.  Meanwhile, the Flakes will basking in 80 degree sunshine.

Paul offered some tips for Americans traveling to Mexico.  If you don't know Spanish and you are communicating with a local, just scream louder.  For example, instead of asking "where's the bathroom?", it's better to scream "BATHROOM" at the top of your lungs.  Mark also pointed out that it's usually not a good idea to order pizza in Mexico.