As you know, nothing is more All-American that waking up with the Breakfast Flakes every day.  And as patriots, Mark and Paul will be pulling for the US Soccer Team to beat Belgium in the World Cup this afternoon.

Of course, the Flakes don't really care about soccer.  And most Americans don't, either.  But we do love watching our country beat another country in anything.  Doesn't matter if its swimming, pole vaulting, or checkers, when the U.S. wins, we all feel better.

Some folks are taking today's game more seriously than others.  For example, the good ole boys down south who run the Waffle House restaurant chain.  This week, the Waffle House tweeted that they were no longer selling "Belgium Waffles".  It didn't take long before someone pointed out there is no such thing as "Belgium Waffles" and that "Belgian Waffles" don't have anything to do with the country of Belgium.  The Waffle House quickly responded by saying "it doesn't matter".  They won't be serving any kind of waffle that sounds remotely close to Belgium.

That's the type of patriotism that Mark and Paul can get behind.  USA, USA, USA!!!