During their 25 year tenure at Cat Country, Mark and Paul have worked for several different owners, a bunch of General Managers and a small army of Program Directors.  Amazingly, in spite of the regime changes they've had to endure, they remain loyal to their corporate overlords.  That's why they'll be throwing themselves over the company sword this weekend, when they accompany 60 Cat Country listeners to Mexico for the annual Flakes Trip.

It's that kind of work ethic and personal sacrifice that has helped keep the Flakes on top for a quarter of a century century.  So when things get stressful at your job this week, just remember, it could be worse.  You could be Mark and Paul, forced against their will by slave driving bosses to spend an entire week in Mexico.

As consummate team players, the Flakes handle the demanding requirements of their job with professionalism.    Sure, their employers exploit them like child laborers in a sweat shop.  But do you hear them complain?  Nope.  Do they run the risk of getting sun burned on the job?  Sure, but that's the kind of courage and and determination we've come to expect from Mark and Paul.  It's hard work, but someone's gotta do it.

Before they embark on the 18th Annual Flakes Trip to Mexico, enjoy the 18th Annual "Rub it In" Week.