Archie Manning is coming to Billings on Thursday for Billings Chamber of Commerce Salesperson's Breakfast.  If you're going, Mark and Paul will be emceeing this year's event and they promise to be on their best behavior.

Our friends at the Chamber are a little apprehensive about what Mark and Paul might say. They haven't come right and said it, but they have "hinted" that the Flakes should avoid certain sponsors and board members.  Luckily, Mark and Paul would never make fun of these upstanding members of the community.

One thing's for sure:  the Flakes will move it along.  After emceeing hundreds of events over the years, Mark and Paul will do everything in their power to make sure everyone gets out on time.

By the way, this year's event is the biggest in Chamber history.  Over 1,500 tickets have been sold so far.