If you qualified for the 18th Annual Breakfast Flakes Trip to Mexico, tomorrow night is the big night.  We hope to see you out at the Wild West Saloon on 1516 4th Ave N.

Here's how it's gonna work:  at 7 pm, we'll check in all the qualifiers.  Bring the postcard you received from us in the mail.  If you didn't get a postcard, or if you forget to bring it, we'll have your name on a list and we'll make sure your name is in the drawing.

Starting at 8 pm, we'll narrow down all the qualifiers to 50 finalists.  Then the real fun begins.  Mark and Paul will call all the finalists on the dance floor and, using a variety of challenges, they'll whittle down the field until the grand prize winner is chosen.  All 50 finalists will receive a gift bag, compliments of the Travel Cafe, Corona and the Secrets Capri Resort in Cancun.