Today is it!

We’ve sent you all over the city looking for the clues that led you to find 14 pictures of Hunter Hayes. You guys put the CSI crew to shame with your puzzle solving powers.

This morning around 7:20, we’ll give you the last clue. Remember when you find the picture in the Hunt for Hunter; bring it to the station studios on the 23rd of the Crowne Plaza. We close at 5 today, so don’t procrastinate.

One thing that needs to be cleared up – and this isn’t the first time we’ve said this and it’s in the rules – we don’t control what time the businesses open where we’ve hidden Hunter. And if someone wants to wait outside until the business opens, that’s their decision. If you arrive somewhere, but the business is closed and decide to come back later only to find there is someone waiting ahead of you, is not of our concern. It is first to get the head in their hand and bring it to us.

By the way, there are a few of you who won tickets from us for the good seats, who have not picked up your seats for the show Sunday night. You might want to skip your lunch meal today and get down here.

Thanks to everyone for playing along with us over the last couple of weeks. We hope you’ve had some fun.