If you look up KOOK radio on Google you'll find an FM country radio station in Junction, Texas or an AM Oldies station in Modesto, California. In Billings of course we know what the real KOOK was... it was the top rated radio station in Billings for nearly 30 years. Despite the huge mark KOOK left in Billings radio history there's not much physical evidence left of it except for an old TV commercial for a cash giveaway featuring longtime morning host Dan Miller on Youtube and whatever other momentos former employees may harbor at their homes.

If you remember, the KOOK studios were last located just south of I-90 in a building in the middle of a field. The building is still there and it's where we store old props and other assorted junk. Time has not been kind to the location. However, as we drove away on the old gravel road that leads to that building I found a sign on the gate that had been covered up. The wrought iron gate that blocks the road in still has "KOOK" welded on to it as you can see from the picture above. I wonder what other gems a little radio archaeology might turn up.