For Valentines Day, while the rest of the world's couples are together and making googlie eyes at one another, my wife and I are separated by 1300 miles. She's tending to her father who is ill in California and I'm here alone. So tonight will be just like every other Friday Night... beer night with my buddy Joel. Of course beer night is never a bad thing but I imagine on this particular night some people might mistake us for a gay couple. Not that there's anything wrong with that... being gay I mean. Joel did say he looked good in his jeans today. For the record I don't judge anyone but there's no amount of beer... you get the picture.

In parting, which is such sweet sorrow, I'd like to say Happy Valentines Day to all of my straight and gay listeners. May your evening be a lot more romantic than mine is about to be. This may be the only time in my life I've ever complained (albeit in the mildest way possible) about drinking beer with a buddy.

To my wife who I have no clue if she reads these things or not... I hope you love the gift I got you. I love you. Happy Valentines Day.