We received an overwhelming number of submissions for this year's photo contest on Cat Country 102.9. With each entry we asked for a quick reason why they felt the person they were submitting should be the winner. Each one of the stories showed us that there a lot of wonderful people out there who have had a tremendous positive effect on the lives of those around them. And while we couldn't share all of the stories on the main page, we would be remiss if we didn't give everyone an opportunity to read everyone's story.

  • 1

    Angie Desjarlais

    Because I love my mom. She takes great care of me and my baby sister. She always put herself before us.

  • 2

    Ardyth Jeszenka

    My mom has had pneumonia twice in the last 6 months and other health issues and yet she still helps others in there time of need and never askes for anything in return even though she needs something.

  • 3

    Kendra Tessman

    My mom deserves the great escape because she raises 2 kids on her own,shes a very hard working parent, and loves us more than anybody in the world. She needs this escape so she can relax from her fathers death. I love her so much and so does my little sister Jimmie Rae. My MOM is the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!

  • 4

    Shelly Kemp

    My mother deserves more than a great escape because she works 7 days a week and pretty much all hours of the day running several business'. She helps with her two beautiful grandkids and is always willing to help everyone less fortunate and never does anything for herself. She would greatly apprecaite anything that was for her and honoring her as a mother.

  • 5

    Connie Capra

    I took for granted all the things my mom did for me when I was younger, now that I am a mother my self she has taught me so many things and helped me through times I never would have made it through without her by my side.

  • 6

    Dawn LaVoy

    A mother of 5 - 4 daughters and 1 son - and a grandmother to a 4 year year old boy, Dawn (my mother :]) has been an inspiration, raising her children as a single mother for years, working hard and always being there to support her children through sporting events and music classes.

    Shortly before her 40th birthday in 2009, dawn was diagnosed with cancer and went through full radiation and chemotherapy treatments, while still acting as a strong mother, taking her toddlers to soccer practices and games, as well as swim lessons and meets. She was also the same mother who cleaned and cooked and provided the needs for children, all while battling her own sickness.

    She has been cancer free for over 3 years and is an inspiration, working and making her way in the world while supporting 3 college age children and 2 grade school girls. Dawn deserves a "Great Escape" for all the things she has done to support her children, putting her needs on the back burner. She is now healthy and deserving of a fantastic time.

  • 7

    Denise Thomas

    My mom found out at the beginning of the year that she had breast cancer...this tough experience for her she was more worried about me and my dad she remained strong to show there was nothing to be afraid of. She had the surgery to have it removed and things went well. She went through radiation and staying strong although she is still undergoing treatment.

    She is going through severe depression and anxiety i just think she needs something like this to relax and unfortunately i don't have the money to give her what she deserves. She is such a strong woman and i'm proud to call her my mom and best friend.

  • 8

    MaryAnn Wick

    She has been through a lot lately, with the most recent being a death in the family. She has raised 4 beautiful children and 7 grandchildren. She deserve a special night just for her

  • 9

    Fawn Scher

    Because she is the best mommy in the whole wide world and she has 2 kids,one in her tummy and has never been on vacation.

  • 10

    Jennifer Jacobson

    My mom is the best mom ever because she works so hard at her career and still gives me all the attention and love possible and puts me first! Love you mmmmmoooommmmm

  • 11

    Joyce Rooney

    Mom is a wonderful, caring woman. She has been married to my Dad for over 62 years and worked on their ranch with Dad until they finally retired to town two years ago. Mom is 79 years young. I have never heard my mother complain about anything even though she has had every reason to do so. She is my hero and I hope one day my children will look up to me the way I look up to my mom. I love my mom very much and am thankful daily for her in my life! By the way, my mom makes amazing waffles and fudge! She is a great cook!

  • 12

    Judy Zent

    My Mom is one of the hardest working women I have ever met. She deserves a "Great Escape", and anybody who knows her would agree! She is the best Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt and Friend. Please choose this amazing woman... My Mom!

  • 13

    Linda Meredith

    My mother was born with challenges in her life and she never let it slow her down. She grew up with the love of horses, which lead her to be Miss Rodeo Washington in 1975 (Linda Witke). After she worked hard no matter where she went. She has raised 4 of her own children, which I will admit we didn't make it that easy on her, and now she is raising 3 of her grandchildren. I work for my parents on our ranch and she works side by side with me outside, comes in and cooks and cleans and takes care of everyone, and also takes care of all the paper work. She does not get much of a break. She is a very hard working dedicated mother who deserves the world and I wish I could give it to her. I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her.

  • 14

    Laura Drager

    I feel like I lucked out by having such an wonderful person to guide me, and to have such a loving mother. My mother has always gone above and beyond to stick my side and be the mother I needed. She has never hesitated to tell me she was proud of me, she always made me feel loved, and she is the one who made me into the strong individual that I am today.

  • 15

    Lesley Gebhardt

    When I was in a coma she sat by my bed everyday and encouraged me, watched out for me, and was there for me, emotionally, and physically. She takes care of our family. She's no longer "just my mom", She's my friend (with lame jokes).

  • 16

    Leslie English

    I believe my mother deserves a vacation because she works hard and is constantly doing for others. Even when she has little to give she gives it out to help others. She has had a very rough life and could use a break. She has got to be one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

  • 17

    Sarah Post

    My mom deserves the great escape cause she doesn't really get to "pamper" herself cause money is tight. She's awesome and always thinks of the kids and not her. I remember one year she spent her birthday money buying us gold fish pets instead of using the money to get her something nice. If she wins I just know she'll appreciate it a whole lot.

  • 18

    Michaela King

    My mom is an amazing woman who has worked hard her whole life. She was born preemie like I was she was born at 26 weeks and I was born at 33 weeks and she has devoted herself to caring for me as well as work, school and serving our country that's why I think she's the best mom ever.

  • 19

    Marcey Eskew

    My mom deserves an escape from mother's day because she has worked to hard to work on mothers day and she worked her butt off.

  • 20

    Marie Brady

    My mom has a heart that is not afraid to help out her relatives or friends or a stranger. Anyone who needs help in any way my mom will step up and make sure this person's needs are taken care of. As I was growing up we took in numerous cousins, nieces, nephews who needed a home.

    My mother took in these children and took care of them all with the money she earned as a store clerk. She not only provided for her own family of 5 children but her home was always opened to a child in need! And because I saw this growing up, being 38 years old I am the same way my mom was. Helping children in need!

  • 21

    Gwen Sieler

    My mama is selfless and always thankful. She would love something like this, but wouldn't do it for herself and surely wouldn't ask for it. She is a bright ray of sunshine wherever she goes; home, work, church, shopping... She is an excellent encourager and motivator and friend. I love her to pieces and would love to see her get this great escape.

  • 22

    Rachel Johnson

    My Mom deserves a great escape, as she has had 2 cancer surgeries in the past 3 years. she has always been there for her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Would be nice to let her get away from everything for a bit..

  • 23

    Savina McKeen

    Savina Mckeen is my mother-in law she is a wonderful person and helps where it is needed even if she don't want to she always does. She has help out by caring for 4 little grand kids for almost 1 yr when it was needed she has a heart of gold and helps all the time. She deserves to get pampered and enjoy a day of R&R. She has always put others first and always will. Savina has helped even help non blood relatives and takes them in from time to time so the have a place to live and can get on there feet. She is a wonderful person with a heart of gold. She always helps others first.

  • 24

    Teresa Schlicting

    I'm sure there are a lot of great moms out there, but my mom deserves this!!! She's hardworking and takes care of others before herself. With a full time job, four teenagers, one baby a husband and an upcoming surgery she deserves a 'Great Escape!' Please contact her :)

  • 25

    Tory Cichosz

    Hi my mom deserves the mothers day gift because i think she is nice she helps me with answers to the radio games i love to play and she takes me out to eat

  • 26

    Tracy Hasler

    My mom is truly a great genuine person. She is my role model and I am blessed to have such a great mom. She always finds a way to put a smile on my face and will do just about anything to help out anyone. I think my mom deserves this great escape because she doesn't do many things for herself so a nice dinner and hotel stay would be a perfect Mother's Day gift for her.