Paul has a new hero.  A judge in Missoula is finally cracking down on people who violate the "no cellphone" law in his courtroom.  In spite of the clearly posted rules at the courthouse, some folks just wouldn't turn their phones off.  So last week, he finally had enough. The judge announced that the next cellphone he saw or heard would result in a $100 fine and a day in jail.  Good for him.

Too many people are addicted to their phones.  They treat their phones like appendages.  This weekend, a woman attending the funeral for Mark's little brother, actually took a call during the service.  Accidents happen.  Sometimes you forget to silence your phone.  But to actually take a call during a funeral?  That's ridiculous.

The Flakes would like to see more "No Cell Zones".  Anyone caught using their phone at the doctor's office, in church, at dinner with their family, and definitely at a funeral should be ticketed.  And instead of paying a fine, they should be legally required to give up their phones for a week.