Over the years, we've had a bunch of bunch of listeners ask why the Flakes don't have a webcam.  The corporate digital guys have even tried to encourage Mark and Paul to get with the times and put a camera in the studio.

Usually, Mark makes up an excuse along the lines of "it's an invasion of our work space".  But the real reason the Flakes don't allows video cameras is because they'd be in huge trouble if you heard what's said when the microphones are off.

Take this morning, for example.  Paul's ranch is flooded and he's got a ton of work to do.  On the air, he'll explain what happened and talk about the other ranchers in the area.  Off the air, the conversation sounds more like this, "(Bleep) snow.  I'm so tired of this (bleep), (bleep) weather.  If this (bleep) don't (bleep) stop, I'm gonna lose my (bleep) mind."

And you don't even want to know what he'll  say when the ink toner in the copy machine runs out.  And that is why we don't have a webcam in the studio.