In case you didn't know already...I have a strawberry problem.  It's better now than when I was younger but that doesn't really mean a whole lot.  The Strawberrry Festival always makes it worse too, because I love them! I love them so much that when I was younger I was on the receiving end of a lot of grief!

We lived in Illinois back then and we used to go to a strawberry farm and pick what we wanted, weigh them out, pay for them and go home and devour them, make jam or whatever it was we did.  These were my absolute favorite days ever! Apparently though, I ate more than a normal 5 year old should.  The owners of the farm joked around with my parents about weighing me before I went on to the fields and then again when we came out.  I guess I was eating my weight in strawberries! Ha, ha!

So if you've been out of the loop or haven't heard the Strawberry Festival is this weekend, downtown under Skypoint from 8a.m. until 5 p.m..  If you've never been there, its a must see! You'll see the biggest strawberry shortcake you've ever seen,  a whopping 65 feet (estimate) long! Wowza! You'll hear live music, be able to buy some produce and also enjoy one of my other favorite things to eat down there...eggrolls!  Yes, you heard me right.  Eggrolls.  Yum!