Thank God it's finally over.  No more political ads, flyers, or signs...until the next election season.  Here's how the Flakes reacted to the 2014 Midterm Elections this morning.

For starters, the Republicans will be taking over the Senate.  It's no secret that Mark and Paul lean to the right on most issues, but we're not terribly excited about this.  Sadly, both parties are to blame and the gridlock will continue until we can find leaders who put the needs of the people before politics.

However, it is interesting that Montana elected our first Republican Senator since 1914.  Steve Daines won by a land slide and we're surprised the he's the first GOP candidate to win a Senate race in a century.  When you consider how conservative Montana is, and has been traditionally, that really is amazing.

And, thankfully in our opinion, the Billings Public Safety Levy was voted down.  We're all for supporting local law enforcement, but this levy was just too expensive, especially after the School Bond we passed last year.  And, now that they levy was defeated, the truth has finally come out.  The Billings PD is going to be just fine.

In fact, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said that the department isn't planning to make any changes.  Because of the City's $10 million surplus, he isn't anticipating any cutbacks or layoffs for, at least, the next two years.  Quite frankly, we'd much rather allocate extra funds for law enforcement than for building libraries.  But it's nice to know if a crime is committed in front of our fancy new library, we'll have enough police officers to respond.