Kids are so awesomen and I have to admit my kids can be some of the most caring kids ever. I am a very proud father.

Yesterday, I brought my oldest son Rodney, 8, with me to the station to get a couple of things done. As we unlocked and opened my office door Rodney said, "Wow dad, this is really to hot in here for you."  I proceeded to tell him the heat builds up when the door is closed so if we leave it open, it will cool down quickly.

I thought that was the end of it until we went to Walmart right after. We did what we had to do there, made it to the checkout and started putting things on the belt when I noticed a box in the cart that I had not put in there. I asked Rodney if he knew where it came from and he said that he had got that for me.

Dumbfounded, I looked at the box and realized it was a fan that plugged into the USB port on my computer. I just looked at him and he said, "Dad, I love you and want you to be OK at work."

Tears filled my eyes. Where did he learn this kindness from? I am not that good of a dad to know to teach him things like that. There's definitely a higher power picking up where my fatherhood fails.

The fan was inexpensive and, of course, I bought it. Turns out it works really well.

God bless that little boy. I love you son. Thank you for teaching me such a valuable lesson.

You're a cool kid, and obviously my biggest fan!