If you've got one of those fancy smartphones, you'll like this.  Today, Mark found a list of amazing things you didn't know about your iPhone.

Did you know that if you put your iPhone in airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast?

If you want to get rid of a text message, instead of taking the time to delete it, just shake your iPhone like an old "etch a sketch".

Next time you're hanging a picture, you can use your iPhone as a level.

And this one is awesome.  If you "Ask Siri", she can tell you what planes are flying over you at any given moment.  Mark actually put that claim to the test live on the air.  Low and behold, Siri told him that a UPS plane was 6,000 feet over Billings.

Of course, Paul will point out that, even if your fancy iPhone can do all of these things, it still can't make a darn call half the time.