Can you believe this story of the 55-year-old Billings woman who struck a plea agreement that dismissed what would have been her 13th DUI? She was given a three-year suspended sentence and warned by the judge that if she drives drunk and kills someone she "will spend some real time in prison."  Warned...really? Hey judge you forgot to give her a time out in the corner too!

Okay, we have a big problem with this...

13 DUI’s…why in the hell is this person being allowed to drive a vehicle at all.  We guess she actually has to kill some little kid trying to cross the street before we do something about it, because we are pretty sure that is exactly what is going to happen! That is just unacceptable!

According to the Associated Press:

Lori Ann Cole was sentenced Monday by District Judge G. Todd Baugh for felony criminal endangerment and driving without an interlock device.


Cole was charged in September 2011 after a motorist reported seeing a female driver weaving all over the road.


While Cole performed poorly on a field sobriety test, her blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit of 0.08 percent. She also was taking prescription medications.


Defense attorney Jeff Michael says the prosecution had problems with its case and the agreement was beneficial to both sides.

What a load of crap, her driving privileges should be suspended indefinitely. And she should be in a permanent time out from life!