Tim McGraw might have to take it easy during his shows for awhile. The singer recently broke his foot while on tour this summer.

"I don't know if it happened running or in the part of the show where I jump off speakers," McGraw told CMT Offstage last weekend. "It could've happened any number of ways. It hurt for a while, and I kept running and kept working out and kept doing shows. And for a couple weeks, it just kept getting worse and worse, and it finally got to where I couldn't walk, and it was really swollen."

With some pestering from wife Faith Hill, he said he finally went to the doctor and found out it was broken. "It's like a green twig break," said McGraw. "It started out as a stress fracture, and I kept pounding it, pounding it and pounding it, and it got worse and worse."

McGraw has to wear the corrective boot for four more weeks, but he says it doesn't seem to be healing at all. "I think I'm not taking care of it as well as I should," he said. Since he counts on running to stay in such good shape, he's had to make do with other workouts. Even when he's in the middle of touring season with a broken foot, McGraw makes exercise a high priority. "We find a gym every place we go," he said. "I still work out. I can still lift."

You can see all of Tim McGraw's national tour dates on his official website. Those shows are still on as scheduled, perhaps until McGraw splits his foot in half completely.