Right off the bat I can honestly tell you I don't deserve my wife Monica. She's been my partner and friend for the last 20 years and my wife for the last 18. I am 49 but with the maturity level of an 25 year-old (I'm probably overestimating here). I work more hours than a family man should work, play poker, pickup basketball and flag football. I am slow to get stuff done around the house and I sometimes say hurtful things without thinking. I love my wife very much, I love travelling with her and my daughter, talking politics, going to concerts and buying her flowers (which of course I did today), playing board games, riding our bikes etc... just in case I cam across like a complete buffoon. She does however have to put up with a lot from me.

Monica is a fantastic mother, a caring person, funny, smart and incredibly patient with me despite my flaws. Every time I hear the Bruno Mars song "When I Was Your Man" I'm always hoping I'm never the guy in that song who wishes he'd have made his ex feel like she was special when they were still together. Monica, I know I don't send flowers often enough, I don't say "I love you" often enough and I'm about as romantic as coat hanger but I do love you and I hope you enjoy your flowers. I am a very lucky man. Happy Anniversary Honey!

Love Andy