The NFL season is nearly upon us and while I've found Billings to have more Broncos fans than any other team, allegiances are well split up here in the Magic City and if you don't pay for Directv's NFL Sunday ticket, like me, you're probably looking for a watering hole to enjoy your teams game with other like minded fanatics. So I've compiled a list of local bars that cater to specific teams according to our esteemed listeners:

Fiddler's Green - San Francisco Forty Whiners... er 9ers (Did I give my favorite team away?)
Tiny's Tavern - Denver Broncos
CJ's Bar & Grill - Minnesota Vikings
Cowboys in Huntley - Dallas Cowboys
Bones Brewing - Pittsburgh Steelers
Bugz's - Green Bay Packers

I have to imagine there is a bar in the Magic City that caters to the Seahags... er Seahawks but I couldn't find one. Nor could I find a location for my beloved St. Louis Rams :-(