With the change of season from a mild Billings winter this year into what has turned out so far to be a pretty wet spring, what will streets in and around Billings be like as we near the first day of summer, June 21st? 

Here are my choices for top 5 worst potholes around Billings, in no particular order:

  1. Heading down Central and 37th watch out, the basketball size pot hole is right on the lane line!
  2. Turning in for lunch or dinner at Chipotle Grill at West Park Prominade?  Be aware of the pothole just before the round-a-bout area.
  3. Sioux Lane in Billings Heights has multiple small, rapid fire type potholes that are hard to avoid, off of Main near the Play Inn.
  4. Off of King Avenue West, going down 32nd just before the hill heading down by the Windmill restaurant is a pretty good sized hole about 3 or 4 inches deep.
  5. Various pothole type hazards heading up Zimmerman Trail, mainly on the edges where you may walk or ride bikes.  That would be a steep and long fall!

Each year the City of Billings asks residents to let them know where dangerous potholes pop up and they will send pothole crews around town to repair them.  Contact Billings Street Traffic Division Manager, Bill Kemp, 406-657-8250.

Bill Kemp said,

call us up, you will go on a list and if the pothole is no more the size of a basketball then we will use our one man pothole patch kit.

Potholes have been known to cause accidents and give front end trouble to vehicles, mainly because most potholes are hard to see until it's too late.  Add your pothole sightings in the comment section or on our Facebook page.