Speaking in public comes naturally to some, and to others it's a death sentence. Whether you're a grizzled veteran of public speaking or looking to finally overcome the fear of speaking in public, this event is a great opportunity for everyone. Tomorrow, January 15th, at 7:00 pm the Trailhead Toastmasters will be hosting a special program entitled "Hit the Success Trail in 2014 With Trailhead Toastmasters". 

The program is free to the general public and will be demonstrating ways that Toastmasters can help people become, not only more effective communicators, but more effective leaders too. The Vice President of Education for Trailhead Toastmasters had this to say about the upcoming class:

Today's world is much more communications-orientated. The program that Toastmasters offers is perhaps the easiest, and most effective, way of learning those critical communication skills for today's business climate.

The scheduled presentation on Wednesday night will be a demonstration of how a Toastmaster meeting is normally conducted. There will be two speakers who will perform prepared speeches, followed by an evaluation session in which fellow Toastmasters will offer critiques of the speakers. There will also be an opportunity for members to present one-to-two minute improvisational speeches on a wide variety of topics.