Well we'll go with a new song for this weeks "Blog-aroke" tune.  Dare to try to guess what song title and artist it is!

I've been somewhat hard on you before with the older song/artist picks, so this weeks one is a current tune that you really should know.  Without cheating!  Feel free to ask family and friends but remember my #1 Rule is NO cheating! That means no googling!

This weeks "Blog-aroke" song lyrics are:

Yeah they took turns layin' a rose down
Threw a handful of dirt into the deep ground
He's not the only one who had a secret to hide
Bye bye, bye bye

Need a hint?  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the song:

The song debuted at number 55 on the US Country Airplay chart for the week of November 24, 2012.[8] In the album release week, the track sold 8,000 copies.[9] It also debuted at number 49 on the U.S. BillboardHot Country Songschart for the week of December 1, 2012. As of May 15, 2013, the track has sold 783,000 copies.[

This should be an easy one!  Comment below and let me know the song title and artist!