My youngest son(6 yrs.) had his first game of T Ball last Saturday and his second game tonight.  All I have to say is "Wow"!

It was super funny to watch and yet it could get quite tedious at times.  I love him, love watching him play a sport, love watching him and his teammates work together.  His coach is man of great patience and seems, good character.  However...

Tara Nicole

The game can be a bit tedious at times.  Is that wrong of me to admit?  If so, please forget I said anything.  But on the flip side.  It can be quite amusing at times too.  I love watching 8-12 little kids, running for the ball at the same time. Watching them all leave their bases to run after the ball.   I laughed out loud more in that hour they played, than I did all day long.

They are all so adorable in their uniforms and helmets, it almost kills me.  So, I guess there is a pay off there.  Tonight, my son, was so intent on hitting the ball and making it to first base that he ended up whipping the bat behind him and actually hitting his coach with it.  I couldn't stop the giggle that came out.

Tara Nicole

The other time he was up to bat, he hit at the ball so hard that the bat came out of his hands and almost hit the fence behind him!  I laughed, hard and loud at this.  Thank goodness no one was hurt!  Who knew that T Ball could be so dangerous?

Do you have a child or have you been to a T Ball game?  What were your thoughts on it?  Enjoy it?  Dislike it?  Comment and let me know!