In case you haven't heard.  The Flakes are counting down to the first big concert of the year.  Every weekday leading up to the show, we'll be giving away tickets for the Band Perry on the air.  But wait, it gets better.

We managed to find a couple extra backstage M+G Passes.  If you want to meet the Band Perry next Sunday night, here's the link to enter.  If you've already registered for this contest, your name is in the drawing for the Meet and Greet.

Next week, Mark and Paul will have your chance to see the show up close and personal.  Monday, they're giving away 5th row seats.  Tuesday, it's 4th row.  And we'll keep going until someone wins Front Row tickets next Friday.  We'll also give away another pair of Front Row tickets on our website.  Look for that contest to kick off this weekend (you'll be able to find the link on the homepage).

Good luck and Thanks for listening.