For the first time in his life, Paul is excited for the Westminster Kennel Dog Show.  Organizers just announced that the 138 year old event will now be open to mixed breeds.  Have you ever seen the crowd at a hockey game go nuts when the referee made a lousy call?  Just imagine how outraged those prim and proper dog show enthusiasts will be if a mutt is declared Best in Show?

Paul believes this one small step for a mutt, and one giant leap for mutt kind.  It's about time mixed breed dogs were invited to the party.  After all, mixed breeds are often healthier, more agile and better looking than many pure breds.  Evidently, some of the owners at these dog shows act like beauty pageant moms.  Seeing their high priced trophy dogs lose to a mutt might actually make the Westminster Dog Show worth watching.

The so called Super Bowl of Dog Shows will also be adding some new breeds to this year's competition, including the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno.  Paul believes that anyone who would pay thousands for a fancy dog breed they can't even pronounce should probably just save their money and rescue a mixed breed from the pound. This year's Westminster Kennel Dog Club Show is coming up February 10th and 11th and will be television on the CNBC and USA Networks.