For Weird Wednesday, the Flakes are traveling back in time to the greatest year of your life.

One guy called in to say his best year was 1978.  At the time, he was working as a bartender.  He finally got his butt in gear and became a firefighter and it was the smartest decision he ever made.  Mark suggested that "The Year a Bartender Became a Fireman" would make a great country song.

Loyal Flakes listener Walt says the best year of his life was when he was 18 and decided to join the Marines.  His father had served in another branch of the military and was urging Walt to follow in his footsteps.  Walt told his dad that the Marines were "for the real men".  Although his joke didn't sit too well with the old man, Walt says becoming a Marine was best thing that ever happened to him.  At least until next year, when he retires.

Another gentleman called in with an incredible story.  His favorite year was 2013.  That's when he became a grandpa, had two children, retired and got remarried.  Talk about a full year.

Mark's had so many good years he can't pick a favorite.  You'll have to cut him some slack.  He can barely remember some of the really fun years.  Paul has also had some great years, but he's still waiting for the best one.

What was your favorite year?  Feel free to drop us a line and share your story,