It's another Weird Wednesday with the Breakfast Flakes and today we want to know what reality tv show you would actually want to be on.

One guy called in to say he could see himself on "Duck Dynasty", if only he could afford to quit his job and go hunting and fishing every day.  Another gentlemen called up to volunteer his services for the show "An Idiot Abroad", saying he would gladly act like a moron if they paid for his trip around the world.

We also heard from a man who wants to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race".  He think he would do pretty well on the show, provided that his wife wasn't his partner.  In order to win, you need someone who knows how to read a map and follow directions.

Paul suggested that Mark should be on the show "Naked and Afraid".  Mark admitted that any show that featured him naked would be a ratings disaster.  But Paul pointed out that it would be similar to watching an Animal Planet show about hairy apes in the jungle.

Mark also said he'd love to be on "Dog the Bounty Hunter", just so he could cuss out bad guys.  What about you?  If there's a reality show you could see yourself on, feel free to drop us a line and tell us about it.