The big game is right around the corner and it has me wondering "Where should I get my chicken wings?".  In case you didn't know, I have a chicken wing problem.  I love them.  I love chicken and I love sauce.  Put them together and for me, it's pure heaven.

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Here are my top five, favorite place's to get chicken wings. In no particular order, as I like different wings for different occasions and moods (which are many).

  1. Domino's Pizza (Mango Habenero is my favorite here)
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings (I prefer the dry rub wings, I think Chipotle BBQ?)
  3. Grandstand Casino (anything with garlic on it here is alright with me!)
  4. Little Caesar's (believe it or not, for the price, these wings are pretty good, any flavor!)
  5. Hooligan's Sports Bar (try the Saa-Weet Plum and be hooked for life)

Do you think I'm too far off here?  Comment below and let me know if I've missed a place with great wings.