This morning, the Flakes opened up the phones and put tickets for The Band Perry up for grabs with a Weird Wednesday topic titled : Words that have taken on a different meaning than they used to have.

Several listeners called with words like:  Hot, Cool, Cold and Bad.  But the one that left us scratching our heads was "ratchet".  In our day, a ratchet was a mechanical device that allowed an item to rotate in one direction only.  These days, it's taken on an entirely different meaning.  Evidently, a ratchet can also refer to a young girl who thinks she's hot stuff, but really isn't.

Word is, all the cool kids are using that term to describe the not so cool kids.  Which, of course, makes us feel really old.  Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the latest lingo.  We feel hipper when we know the latest high school slang.