This morning, Mark and Paul put another pair of Lady Antebellum tickets up for the grabs with their weekly Weird Wednesday topic.  This week's question was, "What World Record Would You Want to Hold"?

One lady called in to say she wants to hold the record for the oldest person to ride a horse.  After some prodding, another gal said she would want to drive the world's fastest car.  Paul then gave her the record for the world's most clueless radio contestant.  We also heard from someone who claims to already hold the record for seeing the most idiots driving in the dark without their headlights on.

And just to prove that flattery gets you nowhere, another shameless caller said she wants to hold the record for listening to Mark and Paul the most.  Everyone who called in goes in the drawing for those Lady Antebellum tickets.  If you couldn't get through this morning, we'll give you another chance to win 'em before you can buy 'em during tomorrow's "Gameday" contest.