Democracy has taken another step back here in the great state of Montana.  On Friday, an activist judge named Jeffrey Sherlock struck down another law that was overwhelmingly approved by the voters.

And it wasn't even close.  Back in 2012, nearly 80% of Montana voters approved a measure that require local and state government agencies to check the immigration status of anyone applying for public services.  In his ruling, Judge Sherlock said the Montana measure conflicts with federal immigration laws.

The Flakes think it's interesting which federal laws these activist judges selectively choose to apply.  For example, when the votes approved medical marijuana in Montana, that conflicted with federal law.  The judges didn't want to overturn that one though.

Mark and Paul believe that every person who voted in 2012 should be outraged.  Whether you were for or against the law, the will of the people was clear.  And isn't that what democracy is all about?  Why even have measures on the ballot if judges can pick and choose which ones they want to enforce.