I have wanted to hang from a zip line speeding through the Central American jungle for as long as I can remember. I finally got my wish... minus the jungle. I went zip lining on the Gallatin River just west and south of Bozeman (about half way to the Big Sky ski resort).

At first you have to go through a lengthy explanation of safety procedures and how to launch off of a platform and slow yourself down toward the end of a line. Snore... I just wanted to get out there. Ironically, just like college graduates fresh out of school, you tend to forget what you've just been told and just leap anyway. At the end of my first zip line the guide had to yell at me to pull my feet up. I'm glad she did too because I was about a second from breaking both of my knees. After that I got wise, remembered the safety procedures and turned into an old pro. Unless you're afraid of heights I recommend it highly. Some of the most fun I've ever had. On July 4th weekend I'm planning to zip line up in Whitefish where the zip lines are up to 2 and a half times as long!