Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is a terrifying force on the field and is quickly becoming a fan favorite off it. There's no better example of that than a picture Watt tweeted out Monday night.

A 7-year-old named Anthony Tarantelli says he's J.J. Watt's biggest fan in a letter he recently sent to the NFL star. He didn't just send a letter, though.

Tarantelli also sent an autographed jersey to Watt, so Watt will know him when he is a 'famous NFL player.' You can see the rest of Tarantelli's letter in the tweet Watt posted below:

With everything J.J. Watt has done for fans this season, it wouldn't come as a shock if Watt invites Tarantelli to a Texans game very, very soon or, at the very least, sends Tarantelli an autographed jersey of his own.

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