I saw a post on Facebook this morning about a kid playing with his toy cars, and it reminded me about how much time I spent playing with my Hot Wheels.

Then, as I searched Pinterest, I was reminded about all of the cool Hot Wheels related toys my folks purchased for me.

I had the "Tune Up Tower", which had a dyno and a working car elevator. I also had two "Superchargers" which propelled the cars in a figure eight pattern for hours. With the figure eight, me and my neighbor, Tigger Faylor, had enough track to go from the top of his stairs all the way to several feet into his basement, so we could find out who had the fastest car. You guessed it: BOTH my lime green Porsche and my station wagon police car were faster than anything in his collection.

A few years ago I considered collecting some Hot Wheels cars and found out that the cars from my childhood era have become quite expensive.

So, I'll just pull out the two dozen or so cars that I have kept all of these years and remember the simpler times of my youth.

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