I'm not in favor of much on the initiatives on this years ballot. And I-177 is no different.

This would stop the use of snares and traps on state public lands. This wouldn't affect trapping on private land. But, I personally believe that's the direction our state would go next.

Trapping, hunting, and fishing are all vital to our economy in Montana, as well our lifestyle. I don't trap OR hunt, but I respect the rights of others to do so. This piece of legislation seems to be a sneaky way to start taking away these rights.

When I vote these days, I'm rarely in favor of ANYTHING that will cost me more tax dollars. And the initiatives that take away ANY freedoms or seem to ADD any more government control, I'm against.

So, "Dear Everybody who's running for public office or already holds an office, you already get enough of my money. Learn to live with what you are already getting."