Got room in that brain of yours for one more funny election story? Well, we're gonna tell you anyway.

In Davenport, Iowa, Zach Cobert was a big Bernie Sanders supporter, but its Donald Trump whose leaving the biggest imprint on his life.

That's because Zach made a bet with a buddy (which is never a good idea) who is a Trump supporter. Zach would get a tattoo of Donald Trump on his body if Trump won the election.

Being an incredibly good sport Zach let his Facebook followers not only pick the picture of Trump he was to use, but also the location of where he'd get tattooed. That  right, it ended up being his lower back so in other words he got a Trump stamp!

His girlfriend, Jenni Gang, said, "I'm not happy with it. I have to look at it forever." But a bet's a bet, right?

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