Halloween is here and while most will be partying or trick-or-treating, the whole basis of this holiday is to be afraid. There's a certain amount of adrenaline that a person feels when being afraid. That's why we love haunted houses and scare mazes so much, right?

What makes us truly afraid, though? Is it that scary goblin jumping out at us bringing our body into shock? How about that fear of the dark because we don't know what's hiding in it? Or maybe it's seeing a dark shadow move and not knowing what it is.

There are plenty of things that frightens each of us. In fact, I don't know a single person that isn't afraid of something. Spiders, snakes or heights. There's always something. Is it actually those things making us afraid? According to science, no.

Fear actually is an adaptive behavior that we have to identify threats. It's an ability that has allowed us to survive predators and other things.

Fear is actually a good thing. Without it, none of us would probably be here.

On this Halloween, go ahead, Billings, be afraid, be very afraid. Just don't have a heart attack because of that fear.