Do you ever get those days where all you want is breakfast?

I don't know if it is at all related to my love affair that I have with bacon.   However, I should be honest, as I have multiple love affairs when it comes to food.

Skip the traditional lunch or supper.  Just give me three rounds of breakfast please!

Where is the best breakfast in the Magic City?  We asked our listeners on Facebook and here is what we found...

  • Dan Peters The Owl Cafe in Laurel. It's not in Billings, but neither am I.
  • Tabitha Hines Steiner Stellas
  • Cindy Watt Muzzel Loader
  • Shawn Tucker stellas
  • Margo Adolph Either Stella's or MacCormick Cafe.
  • Krynn Kelly southern empire emporium!!
  • Valerie Eisner Cracker Barrel..cant beat those pancakes!
  • Mary Dutton Pluhar McCormick's...hands down the best breakfast in town!
  • Tara Hubbard My house... :)
  • Melissa Martin Glenn said the Cracker Barrel
  • Darcey Kerner During the week, Hitt's the spot in lockwood. great homecooked food and a $2.00 breakfast special. Who can beat that deal!
  • Teri Mundahl Weekends ... Muzzleloader. Weekdays ... Harper and Madison.
  • Robyn Brawley Alpine casino
  • Emily Millard Cracker Barrel ♥
  • Leah Doherty Tobin Montana Chads
  • Sandy Christensen ihop is good.. muzzeloader is great... and I love Cracker Barrel. anytime. I dont have just one ... but these are my top ones...
  • Bettie Norvell Wall Home, or Pelican truck stop. You get ALOT for the Price. and well worth it.
  • Dianne Glasgow Kaufman Steila's
  • Josh N Danealle Orcutt Stellas or Montana Nugget
  • Michelle Foos Simser Mt jacks!
  • Dawn Kern MT Chads!
  • Kelly McDonald Lee Stellas
  • Kelli Grantham Tiny's sunday brunch!
  • Mike Bilansky My house or Denny's at 2 am
  • DeeAnn Nielsen Stella's.... Heading there right now!!
  • Alex Gelsleichter-Everhart muzzle loader!
  • Pamela Wolfe my kitchen lol!!
  • Shannon Greer Wheat Montana
  • Douglas Kerner Hitts the spot $ 2.00 breakfast its great and good food also
  • Shelly Joy Martin My bed!
  • Ashley Smith Hartse Play inn .. Heights
  • Chrystal Martin Stella's but the other comments have some places that seem worth trying
  • Jacky Sue Denny's
  • Kathi Pfeifle Railside Diner in Laurel!
  • Tasha M Neil Definitely Muzzle Loader! Best breakfast!
  • Sherry Steffans Pelican truck stop----great service and real good cooking!!!
  • Joe Martin I like Stellas and McCormicks.
  • Miranda Raschkow The cafe out in Molt! Definitely worth the drive!!
  • Rhonda Leppink Baker Stella's!!!
  • Aundrea Gee Cormier Definitely Stellas! Not only is the food awesome, the servers are the best!

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