Blake Shelton has won over non-country fans across America with his humor and continuous bromance with Adam Levine on The Voice, and a new 30-second promo for Season 11 shows more of his charming side as he flirts with Alicia Keys. Amazingly, she takes the bait!

"I'm feeling a little bit of magic," Shelton says to the new coach while the other coaches laugh along.

"I ain't seen that type of charm all day. All of a sudden he got all Southern," she replies with a big smile.

Shelton proves once again that he is ready for the competition on the new season — and why he won't sit back and watch Levine win. "I'm back. I'm back to win it all again," he asserts before a clip shows him laughing and pointing at Levine.

With another new coach in Miley Cyrus, Shelton may no longer be the token country champion. In a recent clip, the two stars battle for the country contestants, and Cyrus does not shy away from the competition.

“Don’t play that Dolly Parton goddaughter sh– on me,” Shelton quips.

“Ohh!” Cyrus reacts to the burn. “He has no idea what’s comin’ for you! Whoo, child. I cannot wait!”

In the clip where Cyrus name drops her dad and famous godmother, the singer stresses that her strong foundation in country gives her some major edge over previous coaches and hopeful country contestants.

“You scared?” fellow new coach Keys asks Shelton.

“A little bit,” Shelton admits.

The Voice returns Monday, Sept. 19 on NBC.

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