I'm no urban planner but there had to be a better plan for all this road construction than what we've been dealing with here in the downtown core the last week or so. Just today on my lunch hour I had to reroute to get myself some Pizza Pizza. I was heading north on 27th Street and traffic was backed up for two blocks. So I cut through the parking lot at the Holiday Station on 6th Ave and counted on the kindness of strangers to let me in so I could make my way to Grand Avenue without waiting for 10 minutes.

On the way back I thought I'd bypass all that congestion by taking Montana Avenue back to 27th Street... oops, my mistake. Again, a very nice lady let me in or otherwise I would have been stuck at the stop sign for 10 more minutes. Then, because all but one lane is closed on Montana I circled back to 2nd Ave. so I could make it to the parkade across the street from the Crowne Plaza. Of course I couldn't turn right on 27th Street because that entrance to the parkade is blocked off by... you guessed it, more construction.

I realize the city is in a rush to finish all of this before winter but couldn't they have spaced it out so driving downtown isn't such a pain in the ass?

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