Yesterday I received this cry for help on the Cat Country Facebook Page:

• PLEASE do a story about the horrible car accident last week on Highway 12 near Harlowton and this dog that is still missing!! Her owner is from Texas and is in a Rehab hospital in Billings with two broken legs. The owner was on vacation and was involved in a head on collision. The car burned but authorities believe the dog got out of the vehicle. The local folks of Montana have been out searching daily for the dog of a total stranger. MANY people across the country have come to the aid of the owner. Over $5000 was raised in 24 hours to help her son, who is in the military, travel from Georgia to Billings to be with his mom and to help look for the missing dog. Your help in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated!! •

If you recall, this was a very bad accident and this little dog is missing. Laurie and I talked most of the afternoon about this little guy. She went on to say that this dog is a therapy dog for children.

Hopefully these images will trigger the memory of someone.

Laurie Golden Williams, Facebook

Have you seen it? If so please let us know through our Facebook Page and we will get you in touch with Laurie.

We at Cat Country are praying for a speedy recovery and also for the recovery of this dog. If you can help, please let us know.