• Last week it was Dr. Suess and Mr. Potatohead. This week it was Peppy LePew. But rap lyrics and Cardi B. are just fine.
  • The old Blanco Blanco building in the Heights got knocked down to make room for a TopZ Sandwich store. This must give the Heights the greatest concentration of sub sandwich shops on the planet.
  • Peach Jello shots could be coming to my house soon.
  • I've eaten more sushi from the Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro in the Heights in the last six weeks than the total amount of sushi all combined that I have eaten up to that point. I highly recommend the Dragon Roll.
  • To all the school sports athletes and their families, I feel sorry for you. State athletic tournaments should be full of fans. You are getting cheated out of some experiences that you'll never be able to get back. And the Montana High School Association should have a spokesperson that explains why the number of attendees at these games was so severely limited.
  • And finally, a gift idea for you: carbon monoxide detectors. You can get them locally at Ace Hardware for $24.99. And you could save somebody's life. We learned of an explosion in Ryegate this past week that killed two occupants of a mobile home. At the end of the TV interview, the sheriff said that a carbon monoxide detector might have saved those lives. Most younger families either don't have the money to buy them or choose to spend their dollars on something else. And a carbon monoxide detector would make a great house warming gift. I gave each of my nieces one for Christmas. They thought it was comical, but I noticed that they got plugged in.

Happy Friday. see you Monday at 5 a.m.

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