Flakes Trip Winner: The Rest Of The Story.
Call it karma, call it whatever you want. This weekend we had our Flakes trip give-a-way party and it was awesome. It was packed wall to wall with the greatest people you could ever want to meet. We had absolutely the best time, a rowdy crowd with tons of fun, games, and antics.
Community Support is Humbling, Dog House Parade Success!
The Dog House Parade and Gala are wrapped up. It was a huge success. I'll tell you what I, personally, enjoy about these types of events. It's talking to the folks who listen to the radio station. Most of the time WE are doing the talking. And although we get calls from listeners with their take on things, we do not face to face. But at these events, you get our undivided attention.
Event Planning Is Tough! Dog House Parade a Success.
After the huge Dog House Parade, I have another job that I am going to add to the list of "No Thankyou". That would be the job of the Event Planner. I now have a greater appreciation for the people that do this for a living. Since this was the first one I took control of the reigns, I got a lesson in planning frustration.

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