Nurses Weigh In Against SEIU Strike in Kalispell
There's two stories taking place with the hospital in Kalispell this week. The first big story is the fact that nurses affiliated with the SEIU union are in the middle of a three day strike. The other big story is that several nurses do not support the SEIU and have now filed a petition to brea…
Flathead Cherry Juice Wins Big Award
When I first tried Tabletree Cherry Juice, it definitely brought back some memories. It also tasted pretty dang good in some Bighorn Bourbon from Willie's Distillery, or even on it's own for a fresh glass of juice first thing in the morning.
10 Of My Favorite Salads In Billings
May is national salad month and I'm pretty excited. Now I would normally not really care, but since I have been on the Ideal Protein Diet, I have become quite the salad connoisseur, and the fact that eating more fresh veggies and salad is just overall healthier for you.
Pregnant Montana Nurse: Don’t Force the COVID Vaccine
A pregnant nurse in Great Falls says Benefis Health System should not be allowed to force their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She's just one of hundreds of nurses who have been lobbying the Montana State Legislature to bar employers from forcing their employees to get the vaccine.

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