Kris Edwards

Should I Switch From Android to iPhone?
I haven't really used Apple stuff since the Apple IIe, so it's been a while, but lately I find myself wondering if I should change from Team Android to Team Iphone. Honestly, I have no allegiance to Google, but at this point I'm heavily invested.
McDonald's Happy Meals Getting Less Happy
Before the flaming starts I should acknowledge that I'm aware there is an obesity problem in the U.S. and that our children are greatly affected by this. That is truth, and I get it. BUT, this kind of stuff doesn't seem like the solution.
Community Garden Plots Still Available
I know I often complain about the deer eating my garden before it can ever get started, but this year I actually rented a plot at the community garden in Amend Park. I rented it Saturday night and I only saw a few 10x10 plots left, so I grabbed one.
Montana's New "Switchblade" Laws
Montana weapon laws are pretty lax compared to most states, but for some reason it stands its ground when it comes to switchblades, or automatic knives. However, there was a pretty big change last month (if you consider 1.5 inches big):
Where Are You Taking Mom for Dinner?
Mother's Day is Sunday and lots of moms will be taken out on the town to their favorite restaurants to celebrate all of their hard work and sacrifices. My mom won't be in town this year, but last Mother's Day I had the privilege of taking our out for dinner.
What Do You Call This?
From my 14 years here, I'm pretty sure this is Pop country, but I do hear the occasional Soda. What is your official word for this beverage that you likely shouldn't be drinking so much of in the first place?

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